Event photo gallery

Welcome to our gallery where each month we showcase a selection of photos from each event held.

Over the last two years we have had regular dinners, coffee drop in’s, a Halloween fancy dress party, a Mama Mia night with entertainment and fireworks,  a Flower Festival day trip, to name a few. These events are organised regularly giving the opportunity for members to meet and make new friends.

The events are open to everybody regardless of your membership status (although premium members get to book earlier and at a preferred rate). To find out what’s on either sign up, log in or head on over to our facebook group for more information.

February Dinner at Mozarts on Transvestite Night

Christmas Dinner at Chris’s restaurant

November Dinner at Indian Palace

October Halloween Event

September Dinner at Camera do Lobos

August Dinner at Mozarts Restaurant

June Dinner at Chris’ Place

May Dinner at Martucci’s

May Flower Festival Day Trip

April Dinner at Nini Andrade