Covid – 19 : Mobility health authorisation between Madeira and Lisbon 25/3

Travel to Madeira – Mobility authorization for health reasons

The Health Authority of the Autonomous Region of Madeira informs that, as of the 25th of March, travel to and from Madeira is only authorized for well-founded health reasons.
Authorization depends on completing the survey available at the link mentioned below, with the presentation of a document proving the health care that will be targeted.
After the submission of the survey, it will be validated by the health authority and the applicant will receive a response with the requested authorization.
For further clarification on this situation, passengers can send an email, and / or contact the following numbers: 291238099 or 291208700
The national emergency situation requires that new measures be implemented to contain potential imported cases of contagion in order to control the epidemiological situation in the Region and the risks to Public Health of the Madeiran population.


The impossibility of suspending the aforementioned air traffic puts the Regional Health Authority’s capacity in an effective way, with greater safety and efficiency, to develop containment measures at serious risk.


New Coronavirus Infection – COVID-19

The Health Authority of the Autonomous Region of Madeira intends to monitor the risk associated with the disease by the new COVID 19. Therefore, we request your cooperation in completing this survey.

The personal data collected in this survey are intended to grant exceptional authorization for mobility purposes.

Note : All foreign citizens who are awaiting repatriation to their countries of origin are excluded from completing this survey.


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