The Madeira Government Council today declared the situation of calamity in the archipelago, with effect from 00:00 on Sunday and for a period of 15 days, within the scope of the covid-19 pandemic.

In a statement, the regional executive, from the PSD / CDS-PP coalition, informs that “the confinement, if necessary compulsorily, for a period of 14 days, of all people and their luggage arriving at Madeira airports and ports has also been determined. and Porto Santo ”.

“Patients in treatment and people who disembark in ports for professional reasons” are not covered, in terms defined by order.

This order “determines the conditions of home confinement and confinement in the hotel units that are requested, as well as any measures that seem convenient and adequate for the proper execution of said confinement”.

Among which, the note on the conclusions of the weekly meeting of the Government of Madeira reads, “the obligation to carry out medical examinations and complete inquiries concerning the health conditions of each person and their home, requested by the authorities competent health professionals “.

Confinement will be carried out at each person’s home, if the person has a residence in Madeira or Porto Santo and has tested for the disease in laboratories certified by national or international authorities, within 72 hours prior to disembarkation, with a negative result.

If you do not have a domicile in Madeira or Porto Santo, confinement is carried out in hotel units that are requested by the Regional Government.

“Disobedience to a legitimate order or order issued by the health authority established under the scope of this resolution incurs the respective offenders in the practice of the crime of disobedience”, recalls the executive.

The island executive says that the regime provided for in the state of disaster is “of an exceptional nature and is subject to constant assessment by the competent authorities, and may be subject to review if the circumstances that underlie its determination change”.

On Wednesday, according to the Institute of Health Administration of Madeira (IASAÚDE), the region continued, for the fifth consecutive day, without new positive cases, with a total of 86 infected.

However, of these, only 43 are active situations, with the same number of recovered, with one patient hospitalized due to the worsening of their health condition.

Portugal today registers 989 deaths associated with covid-19, 16 more than on Wednesday, and 25,045 infected (more 540), according to the epidemiological bulletin released by the General Directorate of Health.

Comparing to Wednesday’s data, which recorded 973 deaths, today there was an increase of 1.6% in deaths.

Globally, according to a report by the AFP news agency, the covid-19 pandemic has already claimed more than 227,000 deaths and infected almost 3.2 million people in 193 countries and territories.

About 908,000 patients were considered cured.

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