Coronavirus – 11th March Madeira Government circular

I have just received this from the Regional Secretary of public health and civil protection about today’s decisions with the Madeira Parliament. Please note this is a direct translation through Google.

COVID – 19



On January 30, 2020, infection with the new coronavirus SARS – CoV – 2, causing

disease COVID – 19, led to the declaration of a Public Health Emergency of

International scope, by the World Health Organization.

Following the multisectoral work carried out in the Autonomous Region of

Madeira, the Contingency Plan for Emerging Infections: COVID – 19 was

presented on February 3, 2020, embodying a regional plan of action

preparedness and response to this threat.

In this context, it should be noted:

– The priority of the Regional Government in guaranteeing security and well-being

the population of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and those who visit us;

– The importance of containing the COVID epidemic – 19, in view of its

expression and growing impact in Europe, Portugal, and the Region

Autonomous Madeira;

– The dynamics of the epidemiological evolution of this disease, which, considering

precautionary principle, without prejudice to the principle of proportionality,

requires the implementation of temporary and exceptional measures in the context


In conjunction with the different entities and social partners, the Government

Region al da Madeira decided to take a number of measures, some of which were

and other support in different areas of activity, which are systematized here

and detail:


1. Access to the Credit Line to support companies’ treasury, created by the

Government of the Republic, with a global value of 200 million euros, aimed at

micro, small and medium-sized companies;

2. Continuation of the payment policy, in the shortest time

possible, from projects with approved community incentives;

3. Definition of a 12-month moratorium on the amortization of subsidies

reimbursable within the framework of Intervir Mais and PO Madeira 14 – 20,

September 30, 2020;

4. Maintenance of eligibility, under the incentive systems, of expenses

related to participation in international events, meanwhile canceled;

5. Assessment of the impact of the epidemic on the capacity to deliver

contractual objectives, within the scope of the incentive systems, for the purposes of

eventual adjustment thereof, establishing that they will not be considered

non-compliance with the lack of implementation of actions or goals, due to the epidemic;

6. The Tax Administration of the Region will allow the extension of the termpayment of the first Special Payment on Account from 30 March, to 30

June; the extension of the delivery of model 22 of the IRC to 31 July; O

extension of the first payment on account of the IRC from 31 July to 31

August, in line with national guidance;

7. Measures to support the relaunch of economic activity are being evaluated;

8. To the worker to whom it has been determined, by the regional authority of

Health, the need for temporary confinement, the right to

write-off with payment of 100% remuneration, from the first day;

9. A simplified lay-off regime will be approved for companies that see the

their activity strongly affected by the epidemic, whereby workers

will be guaranteed gross compensation equivalent to 2/3 of the salary, up to 1,905

euros, 30% supported by the employer and 70% by social security, up to

a maximum of six months;

10. An extraordinary training and qualification plan will be launched, including ui

the payment of support to companies, equivalent to 50% of the remuneration of the

worker, up to the limit of the Guaranteed Regional Minimum Monthly Income (as

as the cost of training itself), for companies with activity affected by the


11. After the lay-off or closing of the establishment by the

regional health authority, there will be extraordinary support for maintaining

jobs where:

• the first month’s wages will have support, per worker, equivalent to

1 Minimum Monthly Regional Income Guarantee

12. The Regional Government will exempt social entities from social contributions

lay-off or closure determined by the regional authority

as long as the situation remains, as well as within one month after

the resumption of activity.


1. All measures foreseen for the tourism sector apply to the Tourism sector.

previously announced;

2. It is under development, with the participation of the sector, through the

Madeira Promotion Association, a specific action plan for the

relaunch of destiny at the moment when confidence returns to the markets

and allow for the normal functioning of the search for trips, proceeding to the

reallocation of resources and funds and targeting markets with greater capacity for

prompt answer;


Given the fact that there was no positive case in the Region until

at this date, it is decided:

1. Keep all schools open and in good working order, since schools

they are spaces under surveillance, where they can be operationalized

the control of possible suspected cases quickly, in accordance with the

procedures already defined by national and regional health entities, and

according to the respective contingency plans;

2. To recommend to all Educational Communities the observance of the rules of

user-friendliness, hygiene, respiratory etiquette and safety

disclosed; in this regard, school management teams are called upon, a

intervention with the respective communities that allow training, in

simulated environment, of the rules mentioned above; this intervention is considered

essential, given the social and cultural spread that educational communities

are able to operate with society;

3. All public and private schools are required to create a space

‘isolation’ from suspicious cases that occur, which respect

mandatory the rules determined by the Health entities for this purpose;

4. The normal functioning of schools and the minimization of the risk of potential

infections outside the Region, which have already led to the suspension of internal and

in the framework of the Erasmus Program, recommend postponing the

finalists’ trips and other study visits, this measure being

justified by the manifest public interest in avoiding potentially


5. All school-level events, of a similar nature, are also suspended

sporting activity or any other activity that causes gatherings of students and

teachers beyond the normal functioning of the classes.

In the sports sector

1. The suspension of activities aimed at training groups up to 13


2. The postponement or cancellation of events that cause gatherings of a

significant number of people, particularly all those with

participation of groups of people from foreign countries and other

regions of the country where infection occurs;

3. Compliance with all provisions of national sports entities,

especially regarding events to be held in the Region with potential

mobilize significant audiences, as well as full respect for all

prevention rules in traveling to national competition that has to

be fulfilled.


1. Elaboration and activation, by all public administration bodies and

private sector entities, a specific Contingency Plan for

respond to the epidemic scenario for the new coronavirus;

2. Recommendation to avoid non-essential travel to transmission sites

active community or other locations with confirmed cases of COVID – 19;

3. Suspension of all exceptional and / or international events in the domain

school, sports, cultural, scientific and others, scheduled for the months

March and April;

4. Suspension of exchange programs for students, teachers,

coaches or athletes, scheduled for March and April;

5. Restriction of the participation of health professionals in training events

scientific, given its relevance to the functioning of the

health and its protection, in the epidemic context;

6. Dissemination and implementation of strategies to promote measures

basic infection prevention and control (including frequent washing

of hands, respiratory etiquette, social distance and enhanced cleanliness

spaces and disinfection of frequently contaminated surfaces);

7. Strengthening basic prevention measures across the population,

including avoiding compliments with physical contact and staying in

very frequented and closed places;

8. Observance of the guidelines of Regional Health Authorities, in

particular, in full respect of the period of prophylactic isolation and

defined preventive measures;

9. Careful use of personal protective material, such as masks,

guaranteed availability of stock for the situations for which they are

recommended (people with symptoms and health professionals

10. Preferential use of the SRS24 – 800 24 24 20 line, in case of doubts or

symptoms / suspected cases of COVID – 19;

11. Recommendation to the population to avoid resorting to emergency services

in non-urgent situations, avoiding clusters;

12. Implementation of measures to restrict visits and companions, in

all public and private health and social care units,

limiting its number and duration.

13. Mandatory implementation of risk assessment questionnaires and

early detection in the health sector (public and private) and in the

tourism, particularly hotels and local accommodation.


Suspension or postponement of exceptional events scheduled for March

and Abril in the different sectors, which involve large concentrations.

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  1. Whole blood UV irradiation. Research into the use of Kromayer water cooled UV machines in hospitals will eliminate viral insults from the bloodstream. See George Miley et al. peer reviewed report on the Knott Teknik, used extensively in the 1930s before the introduction of antibiotic interventions.

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