Corona Virus update: Saturday March 14th

I have been sifting through the news all day as it has been rapidly progressing for the island. The facebook group has been very busy today with everyones comments and questions as things unravel. So as we are up to now, these are today’s developments:

  • All passengers/travellers  that arrive in Madeira from midnight tonight will be required to be in a mandatory quarantine for 14 days. (As an AL holder and others like me, we received an email today and the content of is here:)
“Exmos. Gentlemen,
Following the communication
above, the idea is reinforced that it is essential to make travelers decide not to travel to the Region before the start of the trip. It is important that all entities do the following:
– immediate sending of a message to all customers with a reservation stating that their stay at the destination is subject to mandatory quarantine of 14 days, inside the room;
– inform, also, that the non-fulfillment of the obligation of the mandatory quarantine of 14 days, inside the room, results in a penal frame that configures public crime subject to detention.
We appreciate your best attention in spreading this guidance.”
  • Jet 2, TUI and TAP have cancelled flights into Madeira as a result of the imposed quarantine.
  • The Azores islands have now followed the example set by Madeira with the quarantine
  • Inter island passengers are exempt from the quarantine (this means those that fly or use the ferry between Madeira and Porto Santo are not subject to the 14 day quarantine)
  • Other measures are being enforced. Buses are only running with a 50% reduced person capacity, Shopping centres and supermarkets are reducing their opening hours and night clubs and the casino are now off limits. Bars, pubs and other social gathering places are required to close by 11pm
  • There are now 19 beds at the Nelio Mendonca Hospital that are designated for patients who need treatment for the Virus

If you have any questions relating to the above, please use the Forum here if you are a non facebook user or of course post and ask in the Madeira Active group on Facebook.

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