Corona Virus Update: 13th March

Many of you may be aware that Madeira is reacting to the Pandemic and have now put in place the following:

  • All schools will close as of Monday, until the Easter holidays
  • Night clubs, Day and Social Centres will also close
  • Other areas such as churches, Malls, bathing complexes, public events and other places where groups of people gather are being assessed and advised to also close
  • Cruise ships have been restricted on docking at the Port
  • The airport are implementing control measures…Arrivals are questioned about where they have been recently and a body heat monitor will be installed
  • Visiting hospitals will be limited to one person per visit, same with care homes etc
  • The government has assured that supplies to the island will remain intact and that there is no need to panic buy (as is being seen this week)
  • We are all advised to remain calm, not to travel unless absolutely necessary and try and self isolate if possible
  • I have cancelled the next Madeira Active dinner which was planned for 21st March and will keep the April event ‘open’ but reassess this at a later date.

I will update through this channel if anything else should arise.

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