Now that Madeira Active has become a growing community, this year we have decided to launch a ‘Fund raising’ Campaign.

The aim of this is to raise funds on a continual basis that will be held in a ‘pot’. Specific charities are able to apply to our committee to either host a fund raiser for their given charity or apply for funds.  

Use of those raised funds can also be applied for, should a member suffer a financial hardship and need assistance or family of members need urgent financial support because of death. This can also be allocated in the form of a loan.

In each individual case, once an application has been tendered for funds, the Committee will take each application and assess its merits before any funds can be released. 

We are looking for Madeira Active members who would volunteer either their time or help to become a Committee member. In particular, we would need a treasurer (who would over see the accounts and co signature the release of funds). Fund raiser/organiser, Secretary and any others that could bring value to the Committee. 

If you are interested in becoming a committee member please fill in the box below.

For anyone wishing to apply for funding or for us to host a fundraiser, please contact us by email. (not available at this time).