Buddy Club

Welcome to the Buddy Club! 

This page outlines what the Buddy club is and how the Madeira Active community can support you. Ideally for those who either live alone or travel solo and would like our support.

The concept of the club is to ‘buddy up’ with someone who is alone and has various worries about the connotations of living as a solo. Some of us don’t interact with people on a daily basis but would like to establish some form of contact or ‘check in’ on a regular daily basis. 

The support can be given in a variety of ways to suit the individual and some suggested ways are either to be allocated a ‘buddy’ that can keep in contact with you once a day at an agreed time. This can be done by text or over the phone. Another option is to download one of our suggested Apps. Contact us, so that we can find you a ‘Buddy’ in Madeira who will agree to go into your contact list. The apps work on a check in basis without contacting the individual directly unless you don’t check in. Some of the Apps have an alarm system that can also call the emergency services.  For more information, links and self help tips just log in if you have premium membership or sign up or fill in the form below.

You can also opt in to our database of contacts:

  1. Your contact information, next of kin and any specific instructions should they be needed to be given to your ‘buddy’ in the case of a situation arising.
  2. A contact list of volunteers who will assist as a ‘buddy’ to someone who is travelling and wants a temporary ‘buddy’ whilst in Madeira. Or a fill in ‘buddy’ should that person go on holiday or leaves Madeira.

The information held will only be released should something happen and will not be shared publicly. More information will be available on request.

In addition to anyone who would like to join this network, we are also looking for volunteers who are not in a solo situation who would offer to become a ‘buddy’ to someone who is on their own.

And, the Buddy Club is open to anyone, even if you are part of a couple, live full or part time in Madeira. Or a solo visitor spending more than a month on the island.

It has also been suggested that on occasions we can have our own social get together aside from the dinners as some people find them daunting to attend when coming on their own. Part of this network is to bring people together, so that no one should be alone. And a smaller get together is sometimes more attractive for some people to attend, over one of the bigger monthly gatherings.

To register your interest please fill out the form below.